3 Milestones That Every Car Owner Should Know

Just like a person’s 18h or 40th birthday, a car also has its milestones. For a car, these are not birth years but the mileage they have covered. These mileage milestones are important for maintenance and also while buy or selling a used car.  But in this article, I will be discussing from the perspective of a seller of a used car.  

So, what are the major mileage milestones for a car? And what those milestones mean for you as a seller of a used car? Read on, to find out.  

MileStone #1 : 

30,000-40,000 Miles

Most of the car company offers factory warranty till 36,000 miles or for first three years. This is also the milestone when a major car service is due which might hit the purse by 500 dollars. Also, this is the time when a car owner might have to change some items like seat covers, tires, and brakes that wear out with time. 

So, if you are done with the old car and you are looking to buy a new vehicle, its best to put it up for sale before your car hits 36,000 miles. So, that you get you can present the buyer that the car will get servicing done for cheap within the factory warranty period.  

You should remember not to make any changes which void the warranty agreement. 

Milestone#2  : 60,000-70,000 Miles

The second turning point is around 60,000-70,000 miles. This is the time when your car would need major servicing. More expensive than the first. 

Around this time your timing belts needed to be changed. If left unchanged, it may snap and cause more damage to the engine. 

If the car has reached 60,000 miles it will in most cases also need replacement of tires and brakes. So, if you are selling a car, try to save some money on major repairs by selling before the 60,000 miles.   

Milestone#3 : 100,000 Miles

It’s common belief that if your car hits the 100000 miles mark is the limit, it is running on borrowed time. Some thinks, it is more like trash that needs to be scrapped.  Don’t know where the idea originated from, but it is still the point where the car value drops significantly. 

And when people are buying an old car, they almost look for a car with less than 100000 miles. Even online websites give the users an option to filter with less than 100000 miles. So, if you are considering to sell your car, try to sell within 90000-95000 miles.  

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