The Best Urban Gardening Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Modern space-saving gardening technologies have created a wide array of opportunities for city dwellers who would wish to practice farming. Some of the urban gardeners have been using Twitter to share useful tips and experiences with the world and today, we want to look at some of the best accounts that you need to follow in order to discover some great urban farming tips and tricks. You may search for these accounts and follow them manually, or you may decide to contract a Twitter engagement company such Growth Geeks, Jarvee and several others listed at The Small Business Blog to automatically follow and engage any popular accounts that are relevant to you.

Urban Gardeners Republic (@urbangardenersrep)

This is a large community of committed urban gardening bloggers who offer guidance to those who wish to start a garden. With several thousands of followers, this account trends at a very high level as it also provides informative links to useful articles and tips that are related to urban gardening.

Epic Gardening (@epicgardening)

Owned by an urban gardener from San Dago, Epic Gardening offers interesting information, topics, and trends about urban gardening. The account has grown its reach to over 100 countries in the world. It also features Youtube blogs and live gardening streams which you can use to maintain a rich garden.

Gardening Know How (@gardeningknowhow)

Gardening Know How was started by Heather Rhoades with the aim of providing a friendly platform where city gardeners can obtain useful information. It is a great place to learn about starting and protecting urban gardens in general. The tweets cover a wide range of gardening topics for beginners as well as expert gardeners. It is one of the platforms where you can get several articles outlining how to grow most of the common crops. Its team of experts is always on standby to respond to any questions related to urban gardening.

Growing Organic (@growing_organic)

If you are a lover of organic foods, Growing Organic should be one of your favorite accounts. With educational tweets that address indoor gardening and how to sustain an edible garden, this account serves as an educational resource center for those who are interested in container gardening, which is popular in most cities around the world.

UGRnews (@UGRnews)

Here, you will find some of the latest, trends, innovations and feeds on urban gardening all over the world. UGRnews gives you first-hand information from various gardeners and is commonly referred to as the biggest DIY urban gardeners’ community in the world.

In Closing

If you are interested in urban gardening and in need of more information, trends and ideas, these are some of the accounts that you need to follow. In case of any question, you can send a message to any of these experts and I’m sure they will be willing to help you out.