Electric Or Manual Can Openers – Which Is The Right Choice

Opening a can requires heavy exertion of force, which will ultimately make you frustrated daily.  There are number of appliances like manual and electric can openers available in the market for the purpose. Choosing between these two is difficult, as both come with many advantages and disadvantages. This article can provide you the right guidance in selecting the best according to your needs.

Electric can openers stand a step ahead of manual can openers in relation to the usability, as they decrease human effort compared to the other. In electric opener, user needs to just place the can and press the button and rest are child play. This electric tool cannot handle heavy cans or cans of different shapes, which mark the superiority of manual opener over them.

Other significance of manual can opener is:

  • Less expensive
  • Easy storage
  • Minor chance to break
  • Requires simple maintenance etc.

For people suffering from arthritis or limited manual dexterity, electric can opener is preferable than hand operated model.  As the name itself suggest, electric can opener requires continuous power supply for its working, and thus making manual can opener more reliable during power outage.

Manual opener will work efficiently irrespective of the size and weight of the can, making it more durable compared to electric, which will function only for certain standard size and weight of cans. There is a high chance for the electric can opener to malfunction frequently as they are made up of motors and other mechanical parts.

Both the models rust, so proper cleaning should be done. Hand operated model could be cleaned easily as its structure is simple and compact whereas, electric opener, because of its complexity in the design, requires special care while cleaning its body, including the blades, surface etc.  There are electric can openers available in the market, which are easy to clean also.

Apart from these two types of can openers there is a battery used cordless automatic can openers, which could also be an option between manual and electric can openers.

Another important aspect to pay attention while choosing a product is its price.  Electric can openers are costly and its repair or replacement can be even more expensive compared to manual can openers. Choose the product that fits your budget and also fills your needs.

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