Factors That Influence the Outcome of Your Child Custody Case

There are a number of factors that influence the results of any child custody case. These factors help the judge make the final decision regarding the case, especially the type of child custody you end up with. Let us look at these factors that influence the final decision.

The Best Interest of Your Children

This is the major factor that determines the outcome of the case. This includes the kid’s routine, education needs, age, and preferences. For instance, the ruling can be affected by a child declaring which parent he or she prefers to stay with.

The judge considers information from a number of sources regarding you, your spouse and your children before making the final decision. The judge makes the final decision in such a way that it isn’t detrimental to the children.

Your Situation as a Parent

The decision of the judge depends on with your situations as parents. The judge considers your education, career training, employment history and more. Your home life stability and living situation also factor into the equation. The court might even go ahead and make a background check to see if you have a criminal record to your name. Your lifestyle will be put under the microscope and, if the situation calls for it, a drug test will be required.

Where You Stay

The court determines your lifestyle in terms of where you stay. The way both of you move around will determine several aspects of the case, such as how the non-custodial parent will visit the kid. This influences the type of custody the non-custodial parent gets.

Your Legal Representation

The type of lawyer you use during the whole process might make or break the case. Handling a child custody case requires you to be well prepared with documents and facts. You need to work with a lawyer that understands these cases and knows what you need to sway the judgment in your favor. Preparedness enables you to handle any decision that comes your way. The lawyer takes the time to explain the probable verdict and what you can do about it. If you can’t afford to pay for the case, you can still get representation. Learn how to get a free lawyer for child custody and advice.

The Bottomline

You need to prove to the judge that you have what it takes to live with your kids or to visit them. Lack of preparation might force the judge to deny you custody, even visitation rights. Make sure to work with an expert lawyer to help you get a fair decision.