Food Choppers Are Great For Small Meals

You will truly appreciate how handy a food chopper can be when you need to cut your food into small pieces and not spend forever doing so. These machines are great for making not just salads, but basically any recipe that requires finely cut vegetables (though not as tiny as you can get with a food processor popular platform).

Food chopper features

A food chopper can successfully replace the bulkier and more expensive food processor, as it is smaller, more affordable, and easy to use, clean and store; it is also great for day-to-day cooking, as well as for beginners in the kitchen. It generally has fewer functions and attachments than a food processor, even though some choppers also feature a dice or a puree setting besides the obvious chop feature.

Regardless if it is hand powered or electric, a food chopper is a fairly simple machine, made up of a bowl, one or more blades, and a lid. Automatic models also feature an engine whose power can range from 40 watts to 250 watts. Manual food choppers are significantly less expensive than their electric counterparts, but both types enable you to prep your food fairly quickly. The only problem with a hand powered machine is that you will have to work it until you are satisfied with the result, but the device is good enough for a quick meal, and is able to process small foods, both soft and hard. Moreover, with some models, you can choose which type of blade to use, depending on how finely or coarsely you need your food to be cut.

Each model has its own cup size; thus, a 1/1.5-cup is great for those times when you need to chop only very small amounts of something, while a 3.5 or a 4-cup chopper is powerful enough to be comparable to an actual food processor. Besides, some bowls are marked to make your job that much easier; this way, you won’t need an extra measuring cup to know how many cups of ingredients you should add. Many lids have a special lock that keeps all chopped food inside so as not to make a mess out of your kitchen, which is especially useful when you handle a lot of wet foods that you want to place in the chopper, so make sure to buy one that can keep them safely in, to prevent water from leaking all over your countertop.

In Conclusion

Finally, as you can see just by browsing a website like, there is more to these machines than size and features: while most choppers are a mix of white and clear plastic or other material, some come in beautiful colors that will brighten up any countertop.