Why Your Instagram Followers Are Not Rising

Social media is not only a channel for interaction but right now is a big marketing tool that no one can dare to ignore. Small, medium and big businesses alike are now using various platforms and reaping the benefits that were just mere dreams a few years ago. A close analysis shows that Instagram is among the most popular platforms which continue to attract people from different sectors. Those who are performing quite well in this field have quite a number of followers which also increases their conversion rate as well. You may have tried to boost your follower base to no avail. The following are some of the reasons why your efforts are not paying off.

    1. You have an incomplete profile

No one wants to be associated with business profiles that cannot prove their existence. Instagram gives you a chance to state your name and a short description of what you do. Use the least words possible but ensure that you pass the intended message. You can also include a link to your website or other pages via the bio section. Make sure that you have a clear profile picture that shows who you are and what you do. You can as well use an infographic as your profile picture to describe your business.

    1. Your Instagram activity is random

If you cannot track your activity on Instagram, then the chances of attracting the right followers are very minimal. You require a content strategy to guide you on what to post, when to do it and the tools to make it possible. Consistency on Instagram raises your chances of being featured on the explore page and land new followers. You can post on a daily basis or a few days in a week but just ensure that you follow your schedule.

    1. Your content is not attractive

The kind of content that you post on your personal page should be different from that of your business account. It even gets tricky when you are a brand yourself because you may find it hard to balance between personal issues and business. Check some of the most successful brands in your niche and determine the kind of content that they post.

Growing your Instagram account might not be that easy if you still commit the above mistakes. Ensure that you keep this in mind and check some cool tips on how to increase followers at Income Artist. Keep your followers informed engaged and informed once you get them.