What Makes Masticating Juicer Better Than Others

Consuming vegetables and fruits daily has many health benefits. People who find it challenging to eat the vegetables or fruits in a normal way can use the juicing alternative. Consuming vegetable and fruit juices makes it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients than chewing because juice lacks fiber.

Health care organization encourages daily consumption of vegetables and fruits. Masticating juicer is one of the best juicers. Using the cold press juicer gives us less pulp and better texture. It features an auger that chews up vegetable and fruit fibers at 80-100 RPM. The masticating process is slower than the centrifugal juicer and can extract more trace minerals, enzymes, fiber, and vitamins. The process is efficient and gives you value for money.

The slow juicer has a single gear that has a rotating screw blade that removes pulp. The remaining juice is strained through the wire mesh and collected. As the gear turns, we should insert the fruits or vegetables for crushing and squeezing against the outside juicer wall. The filter, wire mesh and screen holds the pulp as the remaining juice comes out forcefully. The slow process prevents heating up of the juice extract. The measures ensure the nutrients, and the enzymes can survive and remain within the juice because of the low temperature.

 Benefits of masticating juicer

The process is slow and efficient. This enables us to extract and get more yields from the fruits and vegetables. The benefits are visible in the drier pulp coming out. On average, the slow juicer produces between 15 – 20% more juice than any other juicer. The enzymes, nutrients, and trace minerals are essential as they have many health benefits. The heat from the fast juice extraction from other juicers can destroy those essential nutrients and enzymes. The slow juicing process means we have less foam and heat in your juice.

By crushing and chewing the veggies and fruits, the masticating juicer leaves all health benefits in the juice intact. We can use the cold press juicer to get healthy juice from fresh fruit, leafy greens, spinach, wheatgrass, lettuce, celery, and other vegetables. The slow spin of the single gear makes it ideal for the masticating juicer to homogenize foods to make butter, sorbets, baby foods, ice cream, sauces, and pastes. Some slow juicers can create pasta and bread slices.

Cold press juicers make it possible for us to digest more enzymes and nutrients from vegetables and fruits easily. Furthermore, it produces more juice, enzymes, and nutrients than other juicers hence they are the best masticating juicer to consider with lasting freshness and health benefits. The slow pressure of the juicing process ensures the cell walls remain intact and the juice takes a long time to oxidize compared to other juicers like centrifugal juicers.

Certain juicers like centrifugal juicers find it hard to juice leafy green vegetables such as wheat-grass or spinach. On the contrary, masticating juicers juice the vegetables very well with satisfactory results. The slow juicers are convenient and comfortable to use as they do not give out a disturbing noise and are multifunctional as they can make nut milk and baby foods among others. Shop wisely for kitchen appliances by considering the products with the most benefits.