Multipurpose Appliances You Need In Your Kitchen

Not everyone is blessed with a large kitchen, but this does not mean that you cannot get the best out of your small space. Your kitchen will appear like any other four-walled room in your house if it does not have various appliances that you use for different functions. However, these appliances can take a lot of space which makes it hard for you to move around which is essential while you are preparing your food. You may find yourself storing some of your stuff in other rooms which are not desirable if you want to be effective while cooking. The following are some appliances that will reduce the clutter.

A blender

Most people think that a blender is only useful when you want to make juice or other smoothies which is not always true. There are a lot of things that you can prepare with a blender as long as you have the right settings and use it in the right way. Some of the most common ones include hot soups, sauces, ice cream, salad dressings, pancake batter, and smoothies. You need first to cut the solid food into small parts before you put them into the blender. Secure the lid properly and then start with a low setting and increase the speed gradually.

A Panini press

What comes to the mind of many people when they hear a Panini press is a sandwich. However, there is more to this as there are many applications. If you love cakes, then you can make mini ones using this appliance and enjoy with your family members. The only thing you need to know is how to adjust the settings when you want to prepare different foods on this appliance. You can even try this out if you are not sure where to start or you are a newbie in this area.

A microwave

If you are the kind of person who uses a microwave to heat food and warm water only, then know that you are underutilizing this amazing appliance. You can use this appliance to soak your beans and other cereals that take long to cook. Put your beans in a bowl and add water to it and then one pinch of bicarbonate soda. Your beans or any other dry cereals need to be fully covered with water for this to be effective. Heat the beans for ten minutes and then allow them to cool for about 40 minutes.