Toys for Autistic Children: A Guide

Autistic children love toys as much as the normal child does. However, because they exhibit a different sensory need and sensitivity, choosing the right toy can become a little bit tough for you. When choosing the right toy, it is advisable that you find the ones that can help them develop their motor skills. You might also want to choose the toys that are intended to offer a sense of security and comfort. Find out here how to pick the perfect toys.

Do not forget to consider the specific needs of the child when making the selection. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Tactile House Set

This set is ideal because it helps the child explore the different textures via touch. The set can help the kid learn about communication and vocabulary skills. It also aids in fine motor skill development. A tactile house set is ideal for kids aged three years and above.


This canoe is made of soft material and allows the kid to sit in and read a book or play another game. The canoe is ideal for autistic kids because of the deep pressure it offers to help keep the child calm. The cosy material is suitable for creating a calming space to help cope with anxiety or aggression.

It is also a fun toy because your kid can bounce inside while pretending to be in the water. They can even convert it into a tent. The canoe is made of durable material that can withstand the rough handling. The canoe is ideal for kids aged between three and twelve years.

Chewable Pendant

This is ideal for those kids that feel like they need to chew on something to focus. The pendant comes in many colours to help you choose the best for your child’s needs. It is made from non-toxic material and comes with a cord held together by a breakaway clasp. The child can wear the pendant as an ordinary necklace when not in use. The pendant is ideal for kids aged three years and above.

Hop Floor Game

This game helps your kid to work on his social skills as well as to play alone and grow his motor skills. Players can work together as a team to achieve a goal, or they can work as individuals and compete against each other. It provides the chance to be active indoors.


These are the top toys that you can try out to help your autistic kid get occupied.