Types Of Meat Slicer Depending On Its Capacity

The meat slicer is an irreplaceable kitchen machine anywhere, whether in commercial use or private use or even in your kitchen. The clean and neat meat cutting and slicing is very important for your meat recipes. You have to understand the meat slicer, its types and uses for better choosing and getting one. Knowing the types will help you to understand the fact that categorization of the meat slicers are done on the basis of its capacity. The meat slicer you use in commercial use cannot be used in homes as the requirements are different. To know more about meat slicer and its types, buying guide and rest related details, you can visit Slice Wiser.

Types of meat Slicer

There are basically three types of meat slicers that are categorized on the basis of their capacity and work. These are as follows:

Light Duty/ Entry level meat slicers:  this kind of meat slicer is considered as the best for residential use where chopping and slicing of meat is required at low levels. The machine can effectively work for few hours. It works on a 5 watt motor and blade that ranges from 7 to 7. This low-maintenance machine is simple and durable. It is easy to use, easy to keep. It requires low maintenance and can easily be repaired in case of any damage.

 Medium Duty meat slicer:  Small restaurants, mini-hotels and food joints require this kind of meat slicer which is used on daily basis. They are efficient and fast so they can manage maximum number of tasks rapidly. Blade range is 8 to 14 with motors of 100-130 watt power. They are also multipurpose and can be used to slice vegetables, cheese, fruits etc. very easily.

Commercial Meat Slicer: The top manufactures use this high functioning meat slicer which it is used at bigger level to achieve certain production targets. The carbon steel manufactured product, runs on ¼ horsepower and can handle diversified and large amount of meat slicing in very minimum time without losing efficiency and quality.

The parts of commercial meat slicers

There are some basic components to know which work in a meat slicer. The parts are like sharpener, product table, pusher, gauge plate, blade, and blade guard are the primary constituents of the machine that aid in better production.

Depending on your requirements, you can buy a meat slicer that can make your cooking process easier.