What You Should Know While Choosing Wine Bottle Openers?

Any ceremony or celebration is incomplete without a bottle of wine and wine bottle is incomplete without a bottle opener. You may have seen the reluctance of someone when asked to open a wine bottle; it is so because not everyone is quite capable to open a wine bottle. But you can save yourself from embarrassment by knowing about the different types of bottle openers. There are not only different types of wine which are preferred and appreciated by people but also the types of bottle openers. You can get to know more about them at Pop a Cork.

Types of wine bottle openers

  • Waiter’s corkscrew: It is more likable in home bars and restaurant use, as its peculiar and popularly used in restaurants, it is named as a waiter’s corkscrew. It is a handheld opener which consists of main body and blade. It is one of the most standard and oldest types of bottle opener.
  • Corkscrew with lever style: it has two handles on the rabbit-structured bottle opener. It is placed on a wooden platform which wraps around the neck of bottle to open. The mechanism works by the push and pull of lever that removes the cork very easily. You can get the same mechanism in different mounted version structure too.
  • Wine opener with air pressure: the pressure of air is mechanically used to open the cork here rather than any physical mechanism. A mini co2 cartridge is used to apply the necessary amount of power to push out the cork which is inserted by the opener needle. Air pressure wine bottle opener can be an ideal choice for efficient opening of bottles but it works out with around 100 bottles.
  • Twist Corkscrew: The mechanism it uses is twisting the cork from the bottle. The worm is inserted into the cork to remove the cork with same mechanism.
  • Electric Corkscrew wine opener: in this type, electricity is used to open the cork rather than any physical or aero-pressure mechanism. You can say that it is the easiest and advanced wine bottle opener as it just removes the cork as soon as you press the button.