White Noise Machines And Babies: Can They Be Combined?

Almost all mothers will have the same question that requires a fast answer. How to sleep a baby as quickly as possible and how to help her sleep the entire night, without waking in the middle of the night. If there is a loud baby in the apartment next door, a white noise machine may be the perfect present for that family.

As you can see at soothingnoises.com white noise machines come in a variety of colors, options, and capabilities. All of them are designed for adults, we already know that, but what about white noise machines for babies? Yes, there are models of this kind. You will have to remember that these machines are not specifically made for babies, but they have been tested and they are approved for this application. Several studies, all conducted in the United States, in Los Angeles and San Francisco, proved that babies get benefits from white noise machines. They basically work the same way as with adults, but they are gentle, they produce low-frequency sound and the frequency itself is different. This is actually mandatory, due to the fact, babies have a much better hearing than adults and it is very sensitive. In other words, the same sound volume may damage baby’s hearing, while it will be harmless for babies.

White noise machines will help your baby fall asleep as soon as possible, in a matter of minutes, perfect for babies who don’t like sleeping and those who like staying awake the entire night. Once asleep, a machine will continue to produce the low-frequency sound that will maintain the high-quality sleep and therefore help your baby sleep the entire night. Finally, you and your spouse can have a decent sleep, while your baby sleeps better than ever.

What about the next day?

The first day, after you have used white noise machine for your baby, you will notice some interesting improvements. Babies will be angry, upset and in a bad mood unless they sleep the entire night! On the other side, when they sleep enough, they will be happy and smiled all day long. In the United States, more and more parents use white noise machines for their babies. According to statistic data, around 29% parents use them. The situation is almost identical in other, developed countries.

The bottom line is that white noise machines are safe for babies, they are effective and they are affordable.