You Should Never Have Your System Freeze And Lag Again

When you own a Mac for a long time, you probably won’t be able to see that the speed at which it is running slowly decreases. This kind of a change happens gradually and it takes a lot of time before you can actually have your system start freezing every now and then, but you can see just how big the difference is as soon as you get to use the new device. What is the difference between a brand-new Mac device and the one you have already been using for a long time? A lot of files clogging up the memory, processes eating away at the RAM, and perhaps even a new operating system that boosts the system.

Do a few basic things to improve the state

You don’t necessarily have to buy a new Mac as soon as you see that the one you are already using seems to be running slow. You can try and run a few repairs and hopefully get the speed back to the optimal level. The first thing you could try and do is to look for corrupted preference files. If you notice that a particular application is running slowly every single time you start it, and restart the application to see if anything changes. If you have made some tweaks to the settings of the application, which are specific, you might want to make a backup file of the preference before you delete it.

Drop the widgets, if you can

Not only programs and files are to blame for your RAM memory going down rapidly. If you are a big fan of widgets, you should know that they also eat up the memory. It might be useful to have a weather forecast or digital clock widget right there on your desktop, but you should also be aware of the fact that they consume quite a lot of memory, especially if you have too many of them running at the same time. Consider lowering the number of widgets you are going to have around, because it might help.

De –clutter your desktop

The same goes for the amount of files and folders that are on your desktop. If you have a large clutter of random files and folders scattered around the desktop, don’t expect the system’s memory to take that lightly, either. Try to free up as much space as you can, or at least put the files into folders. Having fewer files on your desktop can actually help you find what you are looking for a very easily, so it works out in more ways than one. To get a program that can automatically help you boost the speed of your system, you should consider taking a look at, to see of this kind of a program could give you what you need to keep your system running well.